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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Today was Juliette's MRI. I've been dreading this day. It was definitely one of the most difficult days of my life. To watch while your child is being held down on a table, her eyes filled with fear, while the anesthesiologist places the mask over her face, she struggles for a few seconds and then she's out. I whispered into her ear before we were asked to leave the room "mommy is near".

The procedure took about an hour and then she was wheeled out into the recovery room. It took a few minutes for her to open her eyes, and when she did I scooped her up and held her in my arms. Once we got home she was wobbly, irritable and super cranky. We were told by the nurse that this was to be expected. She didn't want to be held, you could do nothing right. Luckily it only lasted for about an hour and then she was back to her usual, sweet, quirky self.

Later that afternoon we got the call from the nurse. NORMAL! Thank God for that and a huge relief. The next step, an EEG. The neurologist ordered these tests only because of the birthmark on Juliette's back. She says that birthmarks can be an indicator of a neurological disorder. I know that lots of kids have birthmarks but when you combine Juliette's symptoms, speech delay, low muscle tone and possible ASD raises a red flag. We decided to call the neurologist just to confirm if an EEG is really necessary since the MRI came back normal. Hopefully its not, but if it is, they will need Juliette to be sleep deprived for the procedure.
This means that she can get NO MORE than 4 hours sleep the night prior to the procedure. Considering she gets 11-12 hrs sleep every night, this is no easy task. Is this insane or what? Lets hope its not necessary. Pray, Pray.

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