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Thursday, August 12, 2010

EEG normal!

Juliette had her EEG on Monday morning Aug 9th. The procedure was extremely difficult. We had to hold her arms while she layed down on a bed while the nurses prepped her for the EEG, marking her head with a pen or marker to indicate where the discs needed to be. It felt like an eternity before they finally got her hooked up and Juliette was so tired from all the struggling and crying she became calm after a while. I was able to crawl into bed with her and snuggle to help comfort her. Out of frustration or anger she managed to give a few slaps to mommy's face. I felt so guilty it was out of the question to try and discipline her after all we put her through. We were able to get the results back later that morning ...NORMAL! A huge relief for mommy and daddy. We are so incredibly grateful and thankful for that!

Next steps... get a second opinion on the ASD diagnosis and continue with physical therapy (although Early Intervention Services do not seem to think its necessary nor do they believe she has low tone) and speech therapy. Juliette will start speech therapy on Sept 2nd. Lately I've been feeling 100% confident things will be OK with our little princess. Over the past few weeks Juliette has shown so much progress in speech (and she hasn't even started therapy yet). Everyday, several times a day, she points to me and says "Mama". Its as if the flood gates of speech are beginning to open up for her. Today Daddy shared an ice cream with Juliette and when the last piece of the cone went into Daddy's mouth Juliette raised her hands in the air and screamed "ALL GONE"! Today, the first time ever, she put 2 words together. Daddy and I couldn't be more pleased.

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